Double Marlin Strike!

Sometimes in Kona the unexpected happens and on this particular charter that is exctly what happened. We were fishing a Tuna school of Kealakekua Bay when we decided wehad our fill of Tuna and tried to target the Marlin in the area. After we set all four lines we had a massive strike and instantly the Marlin started to tail walk for the horizon. About thirtys seconds later our short corner reel went off like a shotgun. We watched as both Marlin ran for the horizon before turning and charging the boat. At this point I goosed forward to escape the approaching bill fish. We decided to angle the smaller of the two first and succefully laned iit withing 10 minutes. Its esimated weight was 200 pounds. The second marlin was still running and had taken 700 yards off the spool. With no break we moved the second rod to the chair and the battle began. We chased after the fish in full reverse to gain back the line. The angler battled away for an hour and a half before we boat the fish. It was truly an epic fight and one for the books.

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