Kona Fishing Continues To Deliver!

Kona Fishing Ahi Tuna

Kona Sea Adventures private charter left from Honokohau Harbor in the early hours of a beautiful Kona summer day. At the mouth of Honokohau Harbor we were greeted by a pod of over 200 Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins! Our guests were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins so early in our private charter. They asked us, "Do we see dolphins in Hawaii off the Kona coast everyday?" We answered that we don't always see dolphins in Kona but very often. Then they asked us about fishing. They wanted to know if Kona Sea Adventures could deliver the best fishing in Kona? We told them that we would try our best to offer the best fishing experience that Kona could offer. Then we put out lures and began trolling toward VV buoy. When we arrived at VV buoy, which is located off the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii along the Kona coast, we had a fish strike! Our customers wanted to know what kind of fish had just bit our line. We answered, "it looks like a yellowfin tuna, or an ahi!" When we got the fish to Kona Sea Adventures boat, the Ahi Lani, we confirmed our suspicion. It was a 180 lb yellowfin tuna! An Ahi caught on the Ahi Lani! Our customers were overjoyed as we brought the fish on our charter boat. They exclaimed, "yes, I think Kona Sea Adventures is the best fishing charter boat in Kona, Hawaii!"

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