Kona Marlin Madness Continues!

Kona Fishing Marlin Tag

Sport fishing in Kona this summer continues to deliver billfish! We departed Honokohau Harbor off the Kona coast this morning with the previous nights dreams of marlins on our minds. But where would we find the best fishing in Kona? We decided to begin our private Kona fishing charter by paying a visit to the fishing grounds north of Kona's International Airport. As soon as our boat, the Ahi Lani, entered Kona's northern fishing grounds, we saw fish action on the surface. Our guests were thrilled to see fish jumping completely out of the water. They asked us what kind of fish they were and why fish would jump completely out of the water? We told them that the jumping fish were tuna, called ahi in Hawaii, and that they were being chased by bigger fish. The bigger fish could be Stripped Marlin, Pacific Blue Marlin, Short Nose Spearfish, Sailfish or even larger tunas, like Yellowfin Tuna or Bigeye Tuna. We continued to trolling in the big school of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna when, all of a sudden, we heard our fishing reels start to scream! First, we heard our short corner rod and reel and then our long rigger rod and reel which meant: We don't have just one, but two fish on our lines! We reeled in our other two rod and reels and then our guests began to fight both fish. Our anglers immediately wanted to know, "what kind of fish did we hook up to? Were they Pacific Blue Marlin, Stripped Marlin, Sailfish, Short Nose Spearfish or Ahi Tunas? Their question was answered quickly when both lures lunged from the water connected to a pair of Pacific Blue Marlins! We had both fish reeled into the Ahi Lani within 25 minutes! We tagged and released both of our Kona Pacific Blue Marlins. Our guests were ecstatic!

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